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A New Biblical-Geography Carta Atlas by Prof. Zeev Safrai and Eyal Regev – The Final Touches

Prof. Zeev Safrai visited yesterday  to check the final proof of his Eretz Israel at the Time of the Second Temple the Mishnah and the Talmud (Hebrew). Co-authored by Prof. Eyal Regev this title will be published by Carta in January 2011. Carta will publish the English translation at a later date to be announced. In a different vein, but covering the same period as Michael Avi-Yonah’s seminal The Holy Land a Historical Geography from the Persian to the Arab Conquest republished by Carta in 2002 with toponymic index by Prof. Anson F. Rainey and foreword by Prof. Yoram Tsafrir, it is an important addition to the sparse literature on the subject. Incorporating the latest data of discovery and research this new book will add to and complement the earlier volume.

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